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Alegria means joy. Joy is the highest energy of all and it springs from apreciating the gifts within each moment​

Bom dia alegria!

Good morning sunshine
Alegria retreats team

It’s a yoga retreat... But also a holiday!

All retreats are hosted by Diana and Tânia, they will share their love for their hometown with you. A piece of paradise between mountain, ocean and sky. They’ll show you the stunning region of Algarve (our favorite places not mentioned in guidebooks), and share with you the local traditions that make each of them special. You will experience the Algarve, Portugal´s southern region more authentically with locals.

Our Mission

We don’t believe you need to deprive yourself in a Yoga retreat. In fact we believe that combining wonderful yoga classes with delicious Portuguese meals and mindful experiences is the perfect yoga holiday. Our mission is to create a place where people can relax, recharge and slow down from their fast paced lives. By offering a week in a beautiful location surrounded by nature and the beach on your footstep. We believe in living a healthier, happier & inspired life.
Our mission is to bring a small group of individuals (8-12 persons) from all over the world and all ages together in a beautiful natural setting who feel the same way, and share life experiences. We take care of all the details to give you that magical real-holiday feeling, so you have peace of mind that you’re getting a wonderful break. Our aim is to share joyful moments and develop new deep connections. Imagine beautifully set tables, delicious food and lovely people to share stories with…

““The great benefit of slowing down is reclaiming the time and tranquility to make meaningful connections–with people, with culture, with work, with nature, with our own bodies and minds” ”


Yoga is for everyone!


In our western world, yoga is seen as a physical exercise but it is much more than that…Yoga is at the heart of our retreats, our Teachers are Yoga Alliance Certificate. During Alegria Yoga retreat, daily classes incorporates breath work, postures and meditation designed for both beginners and experienced practitioners. During each session you will be guided with clear instructions, in order to help you to get most of each session.​ When your mind is calm, it functions more effectively and life is more enjoyable. After a week of our yoga classes by the sea, you’ll surely see an improvement in your physical and mental body.

What is Hatha Flow Yoga?

Classical hatha postures that flow from one to another with some pauses for added instruction and teacher demonstration.

What is Yin Yoga​?

Yin yoga is a more slow meditative practice that enables your body to open and heal. This practice focus on the connective tissues such as ligaments, bones and the joints of the body.​


Team is the main thing that we have

Co-founder of Alegria retreats
Diana Marques

Yoga Teacher

Alegria retreats team Tania
Tânia Amaral


Heather Bain

Massage therapist

Fil Surf

Surf Instructor

Quinta da Naná

Organic farmer