Why you should join us on yoga retreat in Portugal, Algarve ?


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Our Yoga retreat in Portugal Algarve is perfect for those who are in need of sunshine and relaxation of body and mind near the beach.
We all need to take a break, have some relaxing and fun time away from our daily routine. Indeed going on a yoga retreat is a great a way to release tension and stress accumulated in our body and mind. There is nothing like book a yoga retreat, where you don´t need to worry with anything. Just simply rest and enjoy yourself.

There are many reasons to book a yoga retreat with us. Here we will only write five reasons why you should join on our yoga retreat in the famous Algarve region in Portugal.

1. Location

Our yoga retreat is located in a small village just a few meters of the beach. There are only a few retreats in Portugal having this privilege. How nice it is to walk barefoot to the beach ?

Burgau beach is an amazing beach,sheltered from the north wind and normally has the most calm and crytal clear waters. Perfect to swim and sunbath!

Besides that you have a stunning coastline where you can go for long walks overlooking the sea and rockformations. Ofcourse, we cannot forget that the famous Lagos town is located only 15 minutes away from Burgau and also from the most beautiful beaches of southern of Portugal. Everyday you can explore a new beach!

2. Yoga

Everyday of your retreat you will practice yoga and meditation with Diana. We start the day with a dynamic session overlooking the ocean and we finish the day with a yin restourative yoga session to relax. Our yoga classes incorporates breathwork, postures flow and meditation. In the end of your yoga holiday, you will absolutely feel more relaxed and energised.

3. Activities

It is included in our yoga retreats fun activities to keep you active.
During our yoga holiday we will go on SUP tour along the breathtaking Groutos in Lagos and another day we go one SUP Yoga session. Have you ever tried yoga on a stand up paddleboard? You will absolutely love it, there is nothing like relaxing in Savasana listening to the ocean sounds and it´s movements. We also go on a hike to explore the stunning south coast.

4. Food

Another great reason to book your retreat with us in Portugal is the tasty Portuguese food we will prepare for you. We will show you the best portuguese recipes and delicacies. Since Algarve is well know for it´s fresh fish and seafood,so one day we will serve a delicious Fish BBQ prepared in the Algarvian style. 


Last but not least, we are locals and obviously we know the area as no one else. Undoubtedly we will make sure you enjoy every single day of your holiday. We will show you the beauties of Algarve and give you the best tips of Algarve´s region.
And ofcourse, you can expect some good laughs and joyful moments with us 😉 

What are you waiting for to book your yoga retreat with us in Portugal?! Let us know if you need any additional information.