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Bom dia Alegria! Today we will introduce the Pastel de nata. The pastel de nata is a tradtional portuguese custard tart . Made of puff pastry, egg, milk, sugar and the perfect blend of lemon and cinnamon. Who have tried undoubtedly loves!

Everything started when the monks from the Jerónimos monastery started to make this delicacies and sell them near the monastery.

It is believed that at a time of need ,due to the liberal revolution,,the monks resorted to this delicacy to try to make money and survive.

This is the history behind the famous shop in Belém,Lisbon near the Jerónimos monastery. It is estimated that s 20,000 pastéis de Belém are sold everyday between tourists and locals.

If you ever visit Portugal you must definitely try it. It´s delicious and goes well along with a “bica” expresso 😉 and only contains 250 calories. You will find them everywhere in Portugal

We are experts in choosing the best custart tart in town. Yes, we are very peculiares with the coffe shop we choose to have our pastel de nata.

It really dependes on your taste ofcourse, but we love it when it tastes like lemon and cinnamon as well as when it feels crunchy.

Lucky us, not far from our retreat center in Algarve, Portugal, we have one of our favourites! So don´t worry, we will make sure you try this delicacy.

Are you looking forward to join us on our yoga retreat in Portugal?