Meditation- How to start a meditation practice?


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1. Start your meditation practice by finding a quiet space and use a cushion or something to sit on. You can also practice meditation on a chair, if so make sure your spine is straight and your feet are touching the floor.

2. Take 3 deep full breaths to let go of tension in the body and mind.

3. Then scan your body from the crown of head all the way down to the toes. While scanning the body, if necessary move a little to adjust your posture and make sure you are confortable and relaxed. Take a moment here to ask yourself ” how are you feeling?”.

4. Afterwards connect with your breathing flow. Feel each inhale and exhale and notice how is your breathing flow. If you find difficult to connect your breathing, maybe better to find a part of your body, where you can feel the breathing, for example the belly, chest or nostrils. Then just rest your attention there.

5. Just stay with this breathing flow, simply observing the air in and out. Maybe after a few breathes you find yourself wandering around, lost in thoughts, memmories or even try to imagining your future… It´s ok! Simply return to your breath. Use your breath as an anchor!

6. The mind will try to distract you from the present moment again, when this happen try to not get attached to that, simply observe and let it go… maybe after a while somehting will come and you just repeat the same process once again. This is the process of meditation.

Try to practice everyday just a few minutes to start. Later on you can increase the time.

Our mind is like a muscle. As you tame the body, you also tame the mind so that we can live more on the present moment. Being present to enjoy the everyday gifts that life deliveres 🙂