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What´s yoga?

In our western world, yoga is seen as a physical exercise but it is much more than that…

Yoga is union or yoke. Accordingly to Patanjali, in the Yoga Sutras,Yoga is “Yoga is stilling the fluctuations of the mind“.

When your mind is calm, it functions more effectively and life is more enjoyable.

Yoga is an ancient practice originated from India. This englobes physical, mental and spiritual practices. ​

During Alegria yoga retreat, daily classes incorporates breath work, postures and meditation for both beginners and experienced.

During Alegria Yoga retreat, daily classes incorporates breath work, postures and meditation designed for both beginners and experienced practitioners.

Diana, with her calm voice, will guide you through each session with clear instructions, in order to help you to get most of each session.​

Our mornings start with dynamic yoga classes followed by deep relaxation so that you get the benefits of the practice.​

Our afternoon yoga classes are a blend of restourative and yin yoga. Perfect to relax and unwind of the day.
Yin yoga is a more slow meditative practice that enables your body to open and heal. This practice focus on the connective tissues such as ligaments, bones and the joints of the body.​

With her knowledge and experience, Diana will help you to deeply relax


Diana yoga journey has started 11 years ago. Since then, she has continued investing in the practices of yoga and meditation, both as student and teacher.​

She have travel to India aiming to meet the rich Indian culture and also to attend her first yoga  teacher training. There she had the chance to deepen her knowledge and practice.

Soon she started to share and teach yoga in surf camps, yoga retreats and studios in Algarve, Portugal.

During her classes, she seeks to create a safe space for students to connect within themselves more deeply through breath and posture.
Diana has an unique way of teaching, most influenced by Hatha yoga, Yin yoga, Partner yoga  and Buddhist meditations.