30 things to do while you’re in quarantine


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Bom dia Alegria!

Now we all are in quarantine and we are not sure when this will end. This situation force us to live the now. Now is the only thing we have! We simply have to surrender and accept what is happening in the world.

Good news are, our planet can now breathe. Last year, our mother earth got very sick. The Amazon rainforest, earth lung, was on fire. It was estimated that over 906 thousand hectares were destroyed as well as animals, trees, plants, insects and so on..

So, without tropical rainforests the greenhouse effect would likely be even more pronounced, and climate change may possibly get even worse in the future.”  The facts are, due to Covid-19, our planet is recovering and balancing.

So, all we can do now for our and mother earth health’s is, to remain at home. That said, why not  make good use of this time.

Let´s use most of this time, to take good care of ourself. Maybe re-think what could we change in our lifestyle to be more align with nature. As well as, meditate on things we need let go in our lifes, in order to evolve as human being and welcome abundance.

Tania, one of Alegria retreats founders, loves to create. During her quarantine, Tania was looking for a wallpaper for her desktop but she couldn’t find one to suits her mood. So, she decided to create a calendar for the month of April to share with you with 30 things to do while you’re in quarantine. Every day of the month we remind you to do something different.

The calendar is a desktop wallpaper, a gift from Alegria team and bellow you can download it for free. 

We hope you like it and share it with your love ones!

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